Professional Summary

“Using technology to promote body autonomy, sexual and reproductive health and rights. Empowering young people and influencing social movements, expanding discourse and strengthening a supportive network.”

Inna is the Founder and Director of Samsara, a feminist organisation based in Indonesia that promotes body autonomy, sexual and reproductive health and rights. She started her work in 2007 by blogging her abortion story, then expand it as a website for women seeking abortion services in Indonesia. The following year, she set up Indonesia’s first hotline for safe abortion information. With 12 years of experience working on sexual and reproductive health field, she works directly with young people and women at the grassroots level. This has given her firsthand experience with the existing system, enabling her to gradually challenge the status quo by giving back power to women.

Inna also at the international board for women’s global network for reproductive rights (WGNRR) and member of Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP). Currently, she work with researcher in documenting self-manage abortion in restricted setting, including for second trimester abortion. Her ambition is to set the golden standard for self-manage abortion aside from current clinical setting and evidence.

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Second-trimester medication abortion outside the clinic setting: an analysis of electronic client records from a safe abortion hotline in Indonesia.

BMJ Sex Reprod Health 2018 Jul 18. Epub 2018 Jul 18.

Unsafe abortion past the first trimester disproportionately accounts for the majority of global abortion-related morbidity and mortality; research that documents the safety, feasibility and acceptability of existing models for providing information and support to women who self-manage outside of formal clinic settings is needed.